For the last 2 years, one local business has supported our event in a way that hasn’t drawn a lot of attention, nor has it been asked for.

Bethlehem Live is driven by volunteers. Without them, our re-creation of the city would not look, feel or be the same. From volunteers who come and set up and then pack up, to the actors, dancers, musicians, artisans and more. Each person involved offers their time to give Bundaberg a taste of the real meaning of Christmas.

@ James’s Place owners James and Candice Lee have honoured our volunteers with a simple gift of a free coffee voucher to be used at their leisure. With 500 volunteers, that’s a major investment of caffeine for these hard workers.

“I didn’t even know about the festival at first, but a friend who had volunteered with it told me all about it, how wonderful it was and how much fun it was and we had to get involved too” says co-owner Candice.

“James and I don’t have a lot of time to spare with a young family and 2 businesses, but we thought this could be a way to be involved and thank all the volunteers who help out with Bethlehem Live.”

Originally from Korea and active members of their own local Christian church, James and Candice are in awe of what this event is and how many people it attracts each year. “We have a lot of festivals in Korea” James said, “but nothing like this. We love it and enjoy taking our children along”.

James and Candice love the way this simple re-creation of the city of Bethlehem offers a free, family friendly activity to do at Christmas; but they are even more excited to be able to be part of something that shares the real meaning of Christmas to a city that has made them feel welcome and part of the community.


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